Tuesday, April 29, 2008

News of the Day -- Tuesday, April 29

+ Whatever you are doing, stop doing it and start heading toward your nearest Ben and Jerry's. Yes, today is Free Cone Day. Hence, today is better than Christmas. Here's a list of participating stores. Go now, my friends! Run like the wind!

+ Or if you'd like to just lose your appetite completely, check out this story of the gigantic, King Kong-like giant squid that researchers have been feverishly examining since it was pulled from Jules Verne-ish depths. They will be conducting their research while wearing lobster bibs and holding slices of lemon, FYI.

+ Grand Theft Auto IV came out last night. I know because my husband suspiciously left the house at about 15 minutes to midnight and later, as I fell asleep, I could hear the distinct sounds of explosions and impressive blasts of profanity coming from downstairs. Here's a glowing review of the game from Entertainment Weekly. In related news, Mario Kart also came out. It looks pretty and Yoshi drives a car. That's enough for me.

+ Oops and I almost forgot to mention...if you'd like to become a fan of The Park Bench, we're finally on Facebook. The page is still rudimentary -- much like my web skills -- but I'll be adding to it later on.


The Modern Gal said...

CRAP. I just drove by Ben and Jerry's and completely forgot about Free Cone Day. I even made a mental note of it last night. Dang it.

Liz said...

Oh no, you were so close! I never even made it within a mile of Ben and Jerry's. I hate it when work interferes with free cone day. :(