Tuesday, April 08, 2008

News of the Day -- Tuesday, April 8

+ To get everyone ready for this week's return of "30 Rock" -- can I get a hallelujah? -- here's an interview with Jack McBrayer aka Kenneth the Page from yesterday's New York Times.

+ Time Magazine released their list of the Top 25 Blogs In the Entire World!. I'm assuming The Park Bench just barely got nipped off the list somewhere around #26 1/2.

+ A science-y sort of article explaining why even thinking about a good laugh can make you feel better. That must be why I feel better every time I think about Elizabeth Hasselback forming a "thought."

+ This story is sad because of what happened to the insectivore in question, but it's also undeniably absurd what with the whole "assault with hedgehog" angle. My favorite part of the article? "It's unclear whether alcohol was involved." Seriously? The guy threw a small mammal at someone. He better have been drunk.


Trey said...

Awww...poor hedgehog. People suck, sometimes. :-(

Liz said...

I know. I feel terrible about the hedgehog. I love all those small critters. I hope the guy does go to jail...and I hope he gets hassled the entire time for being a hedgehog thrower.

Ellen said...

As a nerd girl and hedgehog owner, I feel compelled to note that hedgehogs are not rodents but insectivores.

Liz said...

Thank you for the correction, Ellen. I'm very jealous of your hedgehog ownership. Are they good pets? They look so cute.

Ellen said...

Hedgehogs are incredibly cute but they also tend to be pretty cranky. So they make good pets as long as you don't mind having a pet that sometimes rolls up into a spiny ball and huffs at you!