Wednesday, April 16, 2008

News of the Day -- Wednesday, April 16

+ I never thought I'd say this but to hell with chihuahuas. There's a new adorable pet in town and it can cover 8 miles a night on a hamster wheel. It's called a pygmy hedgehog and it may well be the cutest thing ever. So much so that there are year-long waiting lists to buy them in England. I'm ready to get in line right now.

+ Inspired by the pygmy hedgehog and his eight miles a night, I fully intend on buying the Wii Fit and balance board when it comes out on May 19. If, that is, I can come up with the 90 bucks it's going to cost. Yup, Wii announced pricing for this much-anticipated new game that will actually be fun and thigh-defining all at once. It may be pricy but it's still cheaper than a gym membership.

+ Have you seen the poster yet for Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, the upcoming internet musical by Joss Whedon starring Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris? Well, here it is:

Stay up to date on all the latest Dr. Horrible news at the official fan site.

+ And finally, Park Bench reader Nightfall submitted this link yesterday -- a series of Eddie Izzard sketches recreated in Lego figures. Sound weird? It is and it's funny. Check it out:


Nightfall said...

*grabs the insulin to avoid cute shock* Wow, that hedge is overwhelmingly cute.

I feel all famous now :)

Eddie Izzard rocks plain and simple, and he's better at applying makeup than I am, though that isn't saying much. I need detailed instructions and a color-by-numbers chart to even get close.

Jen said...

Squee! Nightfall they rock - the remainder of the workday is now a bust. Thanks.

Eddie is currently touring - if you have the opportunity I highly suggest seeing him. Your abs will hurt for days.